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Ah, anime. Japanese animation. Not Japanimation.

It's been popular for quite some time, here in the States, probably since Osamu Tezuka's work, who, legend goes, was inspired by early Disney animation. (Look at Snow White's big eyes, small mouth, and deny that it's theoretically possible for Disney to have influenced Japan's animation styles and character designs.)

Anime runs the gammut of genres in much the same way that American movies do: there's action, romance, horror, children-oriented, "adult"-oriented, and more. So, contrary to the popular belief of so many parents who delude themselves otherwise, just because it's animated does not mean it's automatically for kids.

If you think you may like anime, or want to learn/watch more, check out the Web for stores in your area, or cons near where you live, or just sites online that may suit your fancy.

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