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AWA 2003 Con Pictures

This year, foxylynn decided to do a Photo Dare Scavenger Hunt. She threw together a list of costumes and how many of each type of costume were needed. If I can find the list, I'll post it here.

The following are the few pictures that I took. Not all of them had something to do with the Scavenger Hunt. Yes, I know there's an incredibly small amount of pictures compared to the list; I just didn't take all that many pictures this year.














1. Dude from Giant Robo, I think. He fit the "Characters with eyepatch/only one eye" category.

2. Sesshomaru from Inu Yasha. This was actually one of the requirements, and I only had to find one.

3. A Ryo-Ohki and Sailor Venus. There was one photo of Ryo-Ohki needed.

4. I think this is one of the three characters from Final Fantasy X-2, but I'm not sure. This fit one slot in the requirements of "Characters with a cross".

5. A bunch of characters from Final Fantasy 6, in the Amano outfits. This didn't fit any requirements, but it was a damn-cool shot that I just had to take.

6. Some characters from Jungle Goo, I think it's called. The youngest daughter was incredibly shy and hid behind her mother...

7. ...but foxylynn was able to take a surreptitious pic when the little girl wasn't expecting it.

8. reiaino eating a stick of Pocky. This fit the requirement to have an anime character eating Pocky. (Much thanks to No Face for handing out the Pocky at a very opportune time.)

9. kaji on the right. A bunch of us were sitting in Artists' Alley when misatokatsuragi spotted the two on the left. She thought they were dressed up as Micah and Ellen from Mac Hall, and with kaji dressed up as Ian, she wanted to get a picture taken of the three of them. The two weren't dressed up as Micah and Ellen, but they let the picture be taken regardless.

10. foxylynn dressed up as Mill from Maze.

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