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Role-Playing Games

I'm going to detail stuff about the numerous role-playing games I'm in. Gonna talk about the game, my characters, and briefly about the rest of the player characters in the game. This is gonna take a while, so let's get to it.

  • Amber games:
    • Face-to-Face
      • A Bride for Merlin
      • Amy's Amber (Amber / In Nomine)
      • Realms of Opposition
      • Unnamed Con-game by Jingoro
    • Play-by-Email
      • Amber: Homecoming (use the link to the left)
      • Amber: One Year Later
  • D&D-ish games:
    • Games run by The Immortal of Sleep
      • (too many old ones to list)
      • Epic-level d20
      • Modified d20
    • Games run by Xador
  • TMNT
    • Chucktropolis

I've also made an attempt at writing an RPG based on The Matrix. I've posted the rules here. Perhaps I'll attempt to run something based on this at a convention at some point in the future.

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