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AWA 2002 Con Pictures

I didn't take that many pictures this year, but I did end up taking more than I have in previous years. (Thank goodness for digital cameras.)

Some of these have stories behind them. The first Lulu is the Lulu I saw at Dragon*Con, but here she has a much more complete costume. (She said that it still wasn't finished, but it looks fine to my eye.) The Lulu & Rinoa pic was taken from my hotel room's door. I heard a commotion outside the room and looked out the peephole. I saw flashes going off, so I grabbed my camera, poked my head out the door, took a picture, and quickly closed the door. I think everyone was amused by that random act of photography. The DDR pic was something where I just pointed my camera behind me and took a picture, just to see what I'd get.

Please excuse the red-eye in some of these; I'm still getting used to my camera.


Chii from Chobits


Lulu from Final Fantasy X


Yuna from Final Fantasy X


Oruha from Clover

Gendo & Fuyutsuki

Gendo and Fuyutsuki from Evangelion

Lulu & Rinoa

Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8

DDR Dancers

Random congo-line picture from DDR Project

Marle & Lucca

Marle and Lucca from Chrono Trigger


Asuka from Evangelion


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