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Fanfiction is one way that fans of, well, anything continue the stories they so loved. Some do it to continue in a particular storyline, trying to extrapolate how things would have gone. Others write variations of what actually happened and then diverge from the first story. Yet others write crossovers, fics that incorporate two stories that may never have been able to interact previously.

The anime community is notorious for writing fanfics. There is even a mailing list devoted solely to the posting and commenting-on of anime-related fics. This list is the FFML. (Please read their FAQ before posting to it.)

I've got a few bugs in my head regarding fics that I want to write. One of them was a crossover between Pokemon and Neon Genesis Evangelion that I would title "I choose you! Sachiel!" Needless to say, it would be high on humor, low on seriousness.

On the other end of the scale, though, is another idea that's gotten me. After playing ICO for the PlayStation2, I couldn't help but feel that there's so much story that we're missing. Like where that castle came from, who that tribe of people is, why they sacrifice their horn-enhanced sons, and, of course, what happens next. My mind's been running on overdrive regarding these things, and it looks like I might write this.

In the meantime, if you want to read some anime fanfiction, either subscribe to the FFML or go to my links page and look under Anime -> Fanfics and go to those links.

Exhuming the Horns of the Past, an ICO Fanfiction

  • Part 1 - 15kb
  • Part 2 - In Progress


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