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Anime Weekend Atlanta 2002 Con Report

Went up to the GICC after work to see if I could help out setting things up. After picking up my badge, I encountered quu and he had me take A-Ko up to the AMV room. Once there, I saw jingoro, and he introduced me to the infamous Lostboy and the not-quite-so-infamous Dave Peterson. There really wasn't all that much more to do, so I went home and grabbed some food with Xador at O'Chuck's.

Woke up, (an amazing feat in and of itself, let me assure you). Packed my stuff and met Korendir at his place. We went to some stores -- I to Kroger to get some soda, Kor to a "package store" (I still haven't figured out why they're called that) to get some alcohol -- and then we went up to the GICC. Got the room, and then we went up there to check it out. We discovered that the Sheraton has a truly crappy A/C system and set it such that it should, hopefully, be cool in the room by nightfall.

After unpacking some things, I realized that I'd forgotten the A/V cable for my PS2. Annoyed, I went back to my place and picked it up. On the way back, I also picked up some batteries for my camera. (This was a good thing, as there are a lot of costumes here I want to get pictures of.)

After coming back, I wanted to test out the setup, so I put ICO into the PS2 and picked up at my savegame. (Mental note: I really need to continue working on that ICO fanfic I started.) Kor got back in the middle of my test, and once it was over, he popped GTO v.4 in and we watched that.

Throughout the day, we took some pictures. I encountered khet_tcheba -- whose name, once heard pronounced, sounds exactly like it looks -- and we spoke of a few things. android18sl mentioned, at the Titan booth, that kitty_minako had been looking for me, but I hadn't found her. khet_tcheba confirmed that she was looking for me. (Interjection: it was a pretty neat meeting. After I took her picture, which I recognized from this post of hers, I asked her if she had a LiveJournal. I could see the wheels working overtime in her head, and she quickly exclaimed: Oh! I've never seen your face before, but I know who you are! (Or words to that effect.)) So, I found out what room they were staying in and told her what room Kor and I were staying in, and we parted ways.

Kor and I wandered around and we eventually went over to the front desk. I asked if J-san had checked in yet, and after receiving an answer in the affirmative, had them call his room. We went up to J-san's room after that and putzed around. J-san was going all otaku about the Gundam toys he bought, and one of his roommates was going otaku over a Transformer he bought.

J-san then started making some absinthe. He was actually doing it right, but I have no idea where he got the "coolant". We, well, *they*, started making large asses out of themselves, but were all amusing.

We decided to go get some dinner after that at Ruby Tuesday's. Not wanting to wait for J-san and his crew -- RT was incredibly busy -- Kor and I got on the list as a party of two. We were incredibly amused when we were sitting down at our table, having our appetizer, and J-san et al. were still waiting to be seated.

After dinner, Kor and I headed back to the hotel. It was close to time for the DDR Project, so we went in and got some good seats off to the side. (I always like sitting over there; not only is it less crowded, allowing for a closer seat, it's also over near the room operations, and I know many of the people who work it.)

DDR was good, but I liked last year's better. Maybe last year had better music. Maybe it was the novelty that made it better. Either way, I didn't like this year's as much as last year's.

We putzed around for a bit after that, and after a while we went back to the room. We called J-san's room to see if he was back up there -- Kor had left his Southern Comfort there, and I loaned them my PS2 A/V cables. Since they were there, I went up and snatched my cables. They were in the middle of watching some show, but I didn't care; I wanted my cables back.

Kal, a friend and another current slave of Be(a)st Buy, came down to our room. We sat and talked about nothing and everything until about 1:30 in the morning, after which everything broke up and we all went to sleep.

I woke up around 7:30 and stayed in bed until somewhere around 8. Got up, got cleaned up, and went to breakfast with Kor and corwinofamber at Shoney's. After we came back, it was time again to putz around the con for a couple of hours. corwinofamber, who had been up for over 24 hours, requested crash space in our room, and we obliged him.

Nothing much happened for a while, and I eventually decided to head home and switch out cars. (I was going to bring an old computer table of mine to church with me the next day and give it to a family who could use it, but it wouldn't fit in my car. It would, however, fit in my parents' Aerostar.)

While I was at home, I -- for whatever reason -- decided to take off my badge. And there, at my house, is where my badge remained. I didn't notice that my badge was missing until after I'd managed to find a parking space after returning to the con. I didn't want to push my luck regarding parking spaces, so I decided to purchase a baka-badge, a replacement for the one I "lost". (It cost me 5 BUCs. *shrug* )

After returning, I found out that, while I was gone, Kor had gone back up to J-san's room and was drinking. I found this out later on when I encountered his drunken self. Apparently the alcohol was catching up to him, (almost the entire bottle of his Southern Comfort!) so he went back to the room and alternated between sleeping and puking. (It's 10:00PM as I type this line, and I think it's safe to say that he's been asleep for the vast majority of the afternoon.)

Since Kor was drunk and asleep, I decided to find entertainment elsewhere. I wandered around the con, seeing what I could see and photographing what I could photograph.

Eventually, though, I actually met up with kitty_minako. She hadn't eaten yet, so we walked over to RT and ordered some take out. (In retrospect, it probably would have been quicker to wait for a table, as they apparently screwed up the order, making it take very long for the simple order -- two cheeseburgers -- to be produced.) She also picked up this neat little EVA thingee for me. It was a small sphere, inside of which was a little model that one had to put together. It turned out to be Unit-01 bursting out of (drat; I can't remember its name) the zebra-shadow angel. I had intended to get a sketchbook for her, but had forgotten on previous occasions. >.< (Mental note: get a sketchbook for kitty!)

We took the food back to her room, and we watched TV while we ate. After eating, I went back up to my room and grabbed my sketchbooks. I brought them back to kitty_minako's room and showed her my sketches. With my art shown, the day was finally catching up to me, so I bid her adieu and went back up to my room.

When I got back to my room, I started typing the log for the day. Kal called and said that J-san was curious about Kor. They didn't believe me when I said that he was asleep, so Kal came down -- after having left work early to come back to the con -- and there was more chatting/putzing going on. (Kor woke up a little after 10:00, as I was recounting his adventures to Kal.) I think I ended up crashing somewhen around midnight, but Kor and Kal went back up to J-san's room for more alcohol. I got calls from them after a few hours; they were inviting me to the festivities. I declined, what with having to get up early the next day. (They even dangled the carrot of a (possibly) scantily clad and inebriated Ucchan, (cousin of the aforementioned Transformers-otaku; another roomie of J-san; as well as an employee of the Be(a)st [and no, I won't call her 'Serena'; that's just what she wants people at work to call her, and 'Usagi' is too easily confused with 'unagi' in my personal vocabulary]), but the desire for sleep overcame all else.)

Kor told me that, after he'd finished in J-san's room, he wandered down to the hentai room and had a few good laughs. He said that the dub was turned on, as was the subtitling. As such, to hear him describe it, it was not uncommon for the following to occur: Sub- "Good morning." Dub- "Oh! Please fuck me up the ass!" Hmm. sounds to me like the dubbers took some liberties with the scripts.

Left in the morning and didn't return to the con. Felt incredibly weird the whole day, except when my mind was occupied with other subjects such as watching the Bears lose or doing D&D stuff at the house of The Immortal of Sleep.

Rode the elevator up to work; couldn't help but realize that I had to go back to existing among the mundanes again, felt slightly depressed by this. Finished typing the con report, and then posted it to the journal.

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