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It is many years after Patternfall, so long that the relations between King Random of Amber and Emperor Merlin of Chaos have degraded and ended because of lack of use. No one in Amber mentions Chaos any more, mostly because there is no reason to do so. The Golden Circle is prosperous, Arden verdant, the Rebman Seas clear, and King Random unhappy. More and more he notices his siblings, nieces and nephews taking Amber for granted instead of regarding her with the proper respect and thanks that they should. After much thought, Random comes to the only decision he can: exile everyone of the Blood from Amber for a period of one-thousand years. Which he does. Once the millennium is done, Random orders Dworkin to reactivate the Trumps and directs the Family to return to Amber with any children they may have produced in the past thousand years. Which is where the game begins...

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