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The Amberian Pantheon:

Quite some time before the start of the game, Math Mathonwy, youngest child of Oberon, went to talk with the High Priest of the Unicorn, Cormac Ogma, about adding her descendants to the Pantheon. 'If she is worshipped, why not her line?' was his logic. It took some doing, but Math was eventually victorious. The following is a list of the family, by age, and what they are the god or goddess of. (Indentations are [loosely] done by generation.)

  • The Unicorn- the Goddess of Life
  • Dworkin- not a god of anything, but he is the Progenitor, and the Opener of the Ways
    • Oberon- considered the Fixer God
      • Finndo- one of the two Gods of Lost Causes
      • Osric- the other God of Lost Causes
      • Benedict- God of War
      • Eric- the Defender God
      • Corwin- the Absent God
      • Deirdre- the Martyr Goddess
      • Fiona- Goddess of Magicks
      • Bleys- God of Sorceries
      • Llewella- Goddess of the Seas
      • Brand- who? Brand is not spoken of.
      • Flora- Goddess of Beauty
      • Caine- the Trickster God
      • Julian- God of the Hunt
      • Gerard- God of Strength
      • Sand- the Lost Goddess
      • Delwin- the Lost God
      • Random- the King-God
        • Vyvyan- God of Artists
      • Dalt- God of Vengance
        • Shinseki- God of Illusions / God of Differences
      • Coral- Goddess of the Unseen
      • Math- God of Enlightenment
        • Natasha- Goddess of Battle
        • Martin- God of Endings
        • Luke- God of Business
        • Malaclypse- God of Night and Shadows
        • Wulf- God of Justice
          • Amber- ?
          • Garibaldi- ?
          • Laughing Coyote- ?
          • Violet- ?

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