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Timeline (in Amber-years)

~-R350 -- Vyvyan born.
~-R260 -- Eric and Corwin hunt in Arden.
~-R200 -- Dalt born.
~-R150 -- Shinseki born.
~-R125 -- Coral born.
~-R100 -- Math born.
~-R75 -- Natasha, Martin, Luke born.
~-R50 -- Malaclypse born.
-R12 -- Wulf presented at Amber's court.
-R7 -- Corwin returns from Shadow.
-R6 -- Corwin coronates self, Eric coronates self, Corwin imprisoned.
-R5 - R0 -- Greatest battles of Patternfall.
-R2 -- Corwin escapes Amber's dungeons.
-R1 -- Eric dies defending Amber.
R0 -- Random coronated; Patternfall ends.
~R5 -- Merlin, Luke coronated; Dalt commissioned.
R6 -- Gérard appointed ambassador.
R34 -- Jurt of Sawall and Julia Barnes wed.
R100 -- Merlin weds Rhanda.
R347 -- Moire abdicates; Llewella coronated.
R503 -- Julia Sawall (formerly Barnes) finally succumbs to old age and dies.
R523 -- Random initiates Exile.
R550 -- Family Basarb becomes House Basarb.
R560 - R950 -- House Basarb gains much political strength, manages to be on par with Sawall. Basarb shows itself to be generally opposed to Sawall in political matters.
R680 -- Benedict visits Dara in Gantu; last known sighting.
R682 -- Last known sightings of Dara and Mandor. Fortress Gantu goes into lockdown, and Mandorways upkept by staff.
R687 -- Jurt goes off to search for Dara; Despil grants Jurt whatever House resources can be spared for his search.
R690 -- Fiona inquires with Gérard about absence of Mandor.
R1024 -- Last known sighting of Gérard.
R1151 -- Rhanda disappears.
R1152 -- Merlin leaves to search for Rhanda; last known sighting.
R1252 -- Unable to confirm death of Emperor Merlin, Council of Houses appoints Madra'i Ghretu'u, son of Mordeca'i, as Regent.
R1252 - present -- Courts of Chaos enjoys greater prosperity under Regent Madra'i than under Emperor Merlin.
R1523 -- Exile ends; Random calls all Amberites home; game begins.

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