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All others, including our own, are merely Shadows.

The Chronicles of Amber is a ten part, two series story that tells the tale of Corwin, Prince of Amber, in the first five books, and Merlin, his son, in the second. Corwin and his siblings are the children of Oberon, first king of Amber, who in turn is the son of Dworkin Barimen, mad creator of the real world. Dworkin drew the Pattern, the thing by which all of his decendants are able to walk through Shadow. Amber, being the only true world, casts an infinity of Shadows, things we would call dimensions.

Over the years, the Amber books, written by the late Roger Zelazny, have gained a large following worldwide. Amber is very popular here in the States, as well as in France, and I happen to know an Italian who is fond of the books as well. In fact, Amber is so popular that a group of people in Michigan a few years back had decided to make their own role-playing system based on the books. The main partner-in-crime of this endevor was Erick Wujcik, who eventually went on to go and write much of what was in the the Amber: DRPG main book. There is currently a sequel to the main book called Shadow Knight, and a third book is claimed to be in the making, called Rebma. These books can, (and in the case of Rebma, might), be available through your local comic shop and Phage Press. For those of you who don't know how a diceless game would work, or for those who are just curious, I've put together a page telling the basics of the whole thing here.

I'm also currently involved in a number of Amber related games, not the least of which is my play by e-mail game, Amber: Homecoming. A page giving bits and pieces of detail on the ones I'm involved in can be found on the RPGs page, the link to which can be found on the left sidebar.

I've also put together a list of songs that seem to be theme songs for characters in Roger Zelazny's Amber books. The Amberite (and more) Theme Song Page can be found here.

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