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Until the Bloodshield website actually goes live, I will post here the text that will be found on the main index page of

The world of Terra is very much like our own: land and water, strife and calm, politics and straightforwardness, students and teachers, science and religion. There are differences, however.

The PsiOps, an internationally developed organization for telepaths, telekinetics, and other psis, has opened its second headquarters, this one in California, USA. The first resides in Tokyo Prefecture, Japan.

Other groups, though, still manage to remain unseen:

The majik users of the world are believed fiction by the mundane world, and the Archmage still studies, hidden in the British Isles.

The West ignores the concepts of chi, concepts that many in the East embrace fully. The premiere chi adept, the last of the hsien, still wanders the countrysides of the East, occasionally approached by those who wish to be taught more.

Humanity's most advanced technologist sits unseen on his throne of wires and electrons, high above the world. Watching. Recording. Remembering.

Those who are considered mythical also wander among the mundanes, ever vigilant for their foes. Weres hire men out to bury the undead, and Vampires also hire out men to hunt the beasts. Men, however, enjoy getting rich off the wars of the monsters.

This is the world of Terra; this is the world of Bloodshield.

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