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The Artist:
Name: Jäger
Birthdate: The Ides of March
Location: Atlanta. Ish.
Occupation: GIS/Traffic Studies

Bio: Hoosier by birth, Atlantan by grace of Uncle Sam, I've been
drawing ever since I could remember, and occasionally I manage to get
better or even produce something that looks marginally passable. I have no
idea how I accomplish this considering how fickle my muse, Yuu Mei, is.

Likes: Maguro & toro, rainstorms, cool & cold weather, Guinness,
overcast days, PTO, drawing something successfully, tabletop RPGs, solitude,
Tullamore Dew, video games, and driving fast with the windows down and music blaring.

Dislikes: Willful stupidity, traffic jams, colleges charging more than
they're worth, sunny summer days, baby tako that stare at you with their
dead eyes, failure to use apostrophes correctly, misuse of homonyms.