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When I was up visiting my grandmother -- who lives in Loves Park, Illinois -- I decided to take a walk through Shorewood Park and draw some stuff. There's an inlet where the Rock River's water goes into, making a bit of a wetland. The park people built a long bridge out into it. Standing at the end of it, I drew some trees. (Here's the photograph I took of my subject matter. Warning: Large file [407k] )

There was a sign on the main path talking about this particular area: "SHOREWOOD PARK NATURAL AREA. The area you see before you is one of the few remaining marsh wetlands left in the Rockford area. This wetland has a very complex ecosystem supporting many aquatic plant species... and nesting habitats and feeding grounds for fish and waterfowl."

Funny thing is, I overheard my dad and uncle talking about this. It wasn't a wetland when they were kids.