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Title: The Choice
Media: Prismacolor pencils, graphite, pen ink
Dimensions: 14"x20"

Another piece from high school. I managed to earn an Honorary Mention in our art show with this, which is no mean feat when my contemporaries are taken into account. (Yes, I know those pages link to their college works, but trust me: their high school works were just as skilled.)

There is text that goes along with this piece: "On the left a spherical vortex of yellow and orange color oozes its warmth onto the plane where the three figures are standing. To the right a smaller ball of cool colors radiates its energy as strange lightning bolts. The warm colors represent order, harmony, an 'everything is good and happy' attitude. Yet it is destructive in its refusal to allow change, to create. The cool sphere is the chaos that life truly is. The person represents the individual -- accompanied by his loyal, faithful companions -- asking himself the meaning of this piece: 'Should one conform to the destructive order of accepted society, or is the creative, chaotic path the better choice?'"

If anyone is wondering, yes, this piece was done after I'd read The Chronicles of Amber and The Principia Discordia.