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Music Videos. Anime fandom's favorite form of copyright violation.

In the days of old, people would use VCRs and stereo systems to make their videos. Some still do. Most people today, though, use computers. But one thing's the same in all eras: you find a song that would make a good video, and then you either pick a show that's apprpriate for it, or you find lots of little clips that fit the song. Some that immediately spring to mind as being rather well-done for their song are Brad DeMoss' Princess Mononoke done to Peter Gabriel's "Rythm of the Heat" and Duane Johnson's various video done to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Dare To Be Stupid".

From what I've heard, it can take a while to actually put together a video, but not so much time that people who are familiar with the process can't punch out a few normal-length videos, or even a couple giant, 55GB sized videos.

I've got my own ideas of videos to make, and once I build an appropriate computer, I'll get to work on making a video. Once I do, I'll stick it up here for a while. Until then, if you want to take a look at some music videos, go to

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